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You'll never walk alone

We deliver a lot of our products to other countries in Europe and overseas. Exclusive subscription options and tailoring products guarantee a shared success.

If you want to be our local distributor or agent do not hesitate to contact us.

Our new all-in-one pricelist is now available!

• FROG flap valves: Our product range of FROG flap valves is from OD 50 mm to OD 1200 mm. In our FrogFactory we produce the most comprehensive range of FROG flaps/backwater valves.

• STOP knive valves: Useable for installation in the ground or in chambers. The standard version is made of PVC-U.
Sample applications:
- pipelines (pressureless)
- agriculture
- fish farming
- rain water recycling
- water playgrounds
- horticulture and landscaping

• UNIPLUG inlet gaskets: With UNIPLUG you can connect plastic pipes to the wall of a plastic manhole. Useable für plastic chambers, cable manholes, tube fairleads, tanks, rain water tanks, water meter chamber, geothermal energie manholes etc.

 You'll never walk alone